How to Win the Aviator Game

Game Description

When players launch Aviator, their attention is immediately drawn to a red plane flying overhead. The plane moves along the runway, gradually ascending into the sky. The flight speed is uncontrollable and determined randomly, making it impossible to predict or develop a strategy.

How are Winnings Calculated?

During the flight, multipliers are displayed on the panel. Winnings depend on the timing of the cash-out. The longer the plane stays in motion, the higher the calculated multipliers for Aviator.

Game Rules

  • Determine the selected bet amount (you can manually enter or choose from the provided options).
  • Place your bet before the start of the round (before the plane takes off). Players can also place bets during the flight, but they will need to wait for a new round to be able to play the bet.
  • Monitor the plane's flight and cash out before it flies. The player's bet is multiplied by the multipliers at the time of cash-out. Otherwise, the player loses all the money they bet.


Strategy - Stairs

In this strategy, you start with 2-3% of your deposit for the initial bet. For example, you can bet $3 for a x2 multiplier and set automatic cash-out (the bet amount may vary depending on your deposit). If your first bet loses, you double your bet, meaning you bet $6 at the same x2 multiplier. This way, your last bet is doubled (you always cash out at x2), recovering previous losses and earning equal profit to your initial bet ($3).

The essence of this strategy is that when you double your bet, your chances of winning also double. Percentage-wise, your chances of winning can increase up to 95% after 4-5 consecutive losses. However, such a streak of consecutive losses is extremely rare. Aviator is designed in a way that even if you bet a lot, experiencing four or five consecutive losses is very rare. However, when you see that the plane does not fly after x1 to x2.1, you should not make any bets until you reach a multiplier of x8 or higher, then you can start a new series. In conclusion, with this approach, anyone can win a significant amount.

Second Tactic - Follow the Leader

This tactic involves increasing the multiplier at automatic cash-out. It is a simple strategy suitable for experienced players who understand how Aviator works. Try this strategy and refine your skills.

The concept is almost the same as the stair strategy, but here you don't double your bet after losing each previous losing bet. Instead, you increase the multiplier after each previous losing bet. For example, if you start with a 2-3% bet, you can bet $3 for a x2 multiplier, and if the bet loses, you bet on x3, and if that also loses, you bet on x4, and so on. This allows you to keep your deposit at the level you want and minimizes risks while only increasing the multiplier. The game has shown that you try x20 and higher multipliers every 12-18 flights. However, for this tactic to be effective, you usually need a large enough deposit to cover losses, usually around $120 - $180. This strategy is almost lossless, but always remember that there are risks. This strategy is suitable for players who have played the game for a while and understand the psychology of the game. The main goal of this strategy is to catch a high multiplier.


Aviator offers players the opportunity to achieve significant winnings. Whether you prefer the staircase approach for a quick turnaround or the follow-the-leader tactic targeting higher multipliers, the game...

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